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(sub-10nm detection)


(<25min for 1cm2)


Innovation explained

UNISERS provides a sensitive and fast analysis solution, which is sufficiently affordable to be implemented in the entire semiconductor ecosystems. Therefore, particle (defects) are detected at the source and processes can be significantly improved. Eventually leading to higher yield (efficiency) and profits.

Our strengh

Our strength is the signal enhancement of nanoparticles. Other sensitive technologies have to sacrifice either speed or affordability to detect nanoparticles. UNISERS is using patent nanotechnology to enhance the signals of nanoparticles. Therefore, we can preserve affordability and speed while achieving enormous sensitivity.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the semiconductor industry due to the enormous impact of nanometer-scale contamination. The semiconductor industry is losing computer chips worth billions of USD due to defects caused by contamination.

Applications in the semiconductor industry

UNISERS is detection contamination on flat surfaces like wafers and metal-coated wafers. 
Therefore, the contamination content can be tested from:
Particle (defects) on wafers
Particle (defects) from processes
Cleaning efficiency from processes
Contamination in ultrapure liquids

Products and services

Surface particle scanner

Please contact us to receive details.

Analysis service

We provide analysis services to a number of leading semiconductor companies. Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote. info@unisers.com

News and events


Fundraising And Startupticker Article

We are currently fundraising to bring our MVP to customers. 

You can read our progress on startupticker.ch


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@unisers.ch


Presentation @ SPCC 2020, USA

UNISERS was accepted to the SPCC 2020 (Surface preparation and cleaning conference) to present “Particle analysis of unpatterned wafers with UNISERS” and the versatile applications in process and liquid analysis. Full agenda: Link

Postponed due to Covid-19


Presentations @ Ultrapure Micro, USA

UNISERS was accepted to present two applications:

  • Particle Analysis of Unpatterned Wafers with UNISERS
  • Analysis of Witness Wafers with UNISERS Wafer Particle Scanner (Airborne Molecular Contamination)

November 9. to 10. 2020 in Austin, TX (USA) Link



About us


Becoming the universal contamination analyzer for the whole semiconductor industry and beyond


The beginning of UNISERS was the discovery of a universal applicable SERS (UNI-SERS) process to detect and speciate trace impurities. The technology was patented in 2017, and the commercialization started with a Pioneer Fellowship from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Since 2017, UNISERS is focusing on the semiconductor industry and has presented at events like Ultrapure micro (2018, 2019, and accepted for 2020), SEMICON Korea 2019, and SPCC (2019 and accepted for 2020). Technological progress, market research, and demands from potential customers guided us to develop a universal surface particle detector.


Dr. Ali O. Altun

CEO & Founder

Ali got his MSc degree at KAIST, South Korea, and worked in the semiconductors industry in South Korea for 5 years. After his industry experience, he started his Ph.D. program at ETH Zurich. During his Ph.D. studies, he spent 3 years in California working on novel Raman applications. He was a senior scientist at ETH for SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) applications and Nanotechnology for nearly 5 years.

Fabian Walter

CTO & Founder

Machine learning and (network) embedded systems are fields of Fabian, and he also focused on these directions during his Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich. He is working with the acquisition and analysis of Raman and other optical signals since the beginning of 2018. Additionally, he got in contact with entrepreneurial spirit due to a family business.

Timo Schneider

Product Development & Founder

Timo is a mechanical engineer from ETHZ with a particular interest in design and prototyping. He has experience with various production techniques and industrial design. He is working on the prototype development and (ultrapure) liquid deposition since 2017.


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